Thank you for accessing this section of the site devoted to the superpowers of the human biomind.

Many concepts and ideas exist which are original to others, but which are relevant to the superpowers. Most of these, however, never see the light of day, at least not extensively so. A lot of good work containing important and powerful insights is going on today, and a lot of it went on in the past.

I have decided that such papers should be added to this site in a special section not only for what they are worth to those who chance to read them, but so that they might be accumulated in a permanent way as some kind of a database file.
The papers introduced or included in this section will have bearing and focus on the larger issues which I believe to be relevant within the overall purpose of this site -- to elucidate, illuminate and broaden understanding of the superpowers of the human biomind, and their vivid place in the human drama of experiencing them.
Please observe copyright notices where they are indicated, meaning that the copyright remains with the author, publisher or source indicated. Requests to further reproduce a given paper should be sent to the author or publisher, and a full address will be given.

As a review of past published work, an abstract of other concepts, ideas or papers will also occasionally be included. The original material will be fully referenced.
This section will include a rather eclectic assortment of concepts, but each will give substance for thought.


Ingo Swann

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