First, I would like to express my gratitude to the very many who have sent notes of appreciation not only with respect to my books, but also regarding the materials archived in this website. And I thank, as well, the many who have inquired about when the books could be ordered once more.

The sudden failure of the Twiggs Company as my book fulfillment service came as something of a shock, thence compounded by discovering that such service elsewhere is not exactly to be found.
I'll not bore you with the gritty details, save to say that Times and Tides have changed, and with them have altered such matters as sharing of percentages, increased costs-costs-costs, and concepts of what book fulfillment service consists of. So, my little book publishing project came very close to an abrupt ending.

As it has finally turned out, though an arrangement has been engineered with the good offices of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), and my books can now be ordered by telephone via the following toll-free number:


So that there will be no surprises and confusions, however, this number is manned only between 9am and 4pm, Eastern Time on weekdays (Monday-Friday), but anyone wishing to do so can otherwise leave a phone number and someone will get back to you, servicing your order and/or answering questions.
The other options are to:

Book prices: One thing learned during the fulfillment hiatus was that my books are seriously underpriced with respect to the current market, and I have been encouraged from all sides to increase the book prices, at least to make up some of the losses incurred.
I have agonized over this matter, but have decided to maintain the original prices until the end of this year. This is principally because small volume order fulfillment costs have significantly increased (storage, mailing containers, postage, and handling costs).

US postage + handling rates now are $6 for the first book; $2.50 for a selection of different or the same books, if sent at the media rate. Priority mail service is offered only if a selection of these or more books is ordered. Costs for other methods of delivery and/or bookstore interests need to ascertained by calling the toll-free number between 9am and 4pm, Eastern Time on weekdays (Monday-Friday).

Four titles are still available.


In the past, I produced some books (such as NATURAL ESP and YOUR NOSTRADAMUS FACTOR) that were published via Bantam, Simon & Schuster, etc. These books have long been out of print. But used copies of them can be found in Internet sources, (Amazon, etc.) selling for rather hefty prices, in some cases over $300.
Thus, we receive numerous requests asking for help in locating affordable copies of these out-of-print books. Except for my permanent archive samples, I have no copies of these books and do not know of any sources for them.
The reasons for the hefty prices totally escape me, and I had not a clue that such would happen. I'm sorry I cannot myself bring the books back into print due to the outlay costs and other complications of doing so.


Cordially yours,