(Status update, 17 April 03)

A very large number of inquiries have been received asking when Volume III of Secrets of Power will be available. Well, that volume is not yet available for two principal reasons, the first being that its humble author has constantly been overwhelmed by life’s exigencies, both mundane and extraordinary, to the degree that his equally humble creative productivity has been drastically reduced.
However, the second reason is that when the various subject matters that would comprise Volume III were collected and outlined, the total implied that the resulting book would be in excess of 1,000 pages. In order to reduce this boggling page count, it seemed that many of the subjects and topics needed in the book would have to be superficialized, nut-shelled, glossed over, and truncated, thereby resulting in the loss of many important substantive elements and details.

Well, the humble author is a VIRGO, and such star-children are unhappy if they cannot relish substantive details. Additionally, the purpose of Volume III is to discuss “sympathetic ‘vibrations’ and empowerment.” The chief characteristic of such vibrations is their invisibility, and thus it is very difficult to identify their existence via superficial and limited discussions of them.
On average, most can deal with what they can see in concrete terms, especially if such terms are superficial and thus easily sharable. But it is possible to think that superficial tangible concrete terms that are easy enough to perceive might constitute only about 9 per cent of the sum total of, well, shall we say, real reality, the nature and essence of which ranges on an invisibility scale from semi to deeply profound.
As but one small example of this, everyone acknowledges the existence of human motives, and much ado about motives occasionally takes place. But the real existence of human motives ultimately requires the question of when and how they actually become visible and recognizable.
Referring principally to negative motives, one of the inescapable facts of this matter is that motives can be hidden or cloaked in serious invisibility (and secrecy) until their workings and results become objectively visible – after which it is usually too late to do anything about them.
Aside from the many egregious societal implications of this kind of situation, motives, when in their invisibility stage or condition, can, do, and will act as serious complications and impedimenta with respect to any idea of empowerment – both personal and social empowerment.
Thus, in the light of potential empowerment (and of secrets of power), a double question arises: where do motives arise and format; and, how would it be possible to sense them in their invisibility stages in advance of their tangible concrete manifestations?
I don’t think there could be much argument against the fact that human motives are initially formatted somewhere in the profound innateness of human consciousness (this, in itself, being the GREAT invisibility - until one can see and identify what comes out of it). If something like this is accepted, at least in theory, then the next question involves how and why motives (and all other human activities) become formatted in this way or that.
Any in-depth study of the characteristics of human motives shows that they all have at least one general “signature” in common. They all come, so to speak, pre-equipped with the basic frames of reference or the “realities” that “shape” them or have contributed to their contextual structure.
Many will now realize that this humble author has jump-started into the topic of “Reality Boxes,” whose essential nature or structure is usually invisible until one can perceive what downloads from them in tangible or concrete terms.
In my original plan for Volume III, I had allotted a single chapter of not more than five pages to the topic of reality boxes. This reductionistic attempt was agonizing – largely because if one is interested in empowerment (of any kind), the topic of reality boxes looms exceedingly large and important on any horizon or in any dimension of mind or consciousness.
So, I asked myself why I was clinging to the conventional idea that a book should be singular and all-inclusive. The topic IS a big one, never before given the treatment it deserves. Issue it as a separate book, albeit as preliminary to your Volume III, I heard back. And, by the way, here is the correct title: REALITY BOXES – AND OTHER BLACK HOLES IN HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.
I finished this book on 26 December 2002, and except for interruption of the final decline and death of my precious, wonderful, little mother, it would have been issued earlier. It is now in the final printing pipeline, and for what it may be worth to those interested, orders for it can be fulfilled via the toll-free number:


With the matter of REALITY BOXES more or less resolved, there were two other topics scheduled to briefly be included in Volume III of Secrets of Power, but which presented the same difficulties with respect to nut-shelling and reductionism.
The first of these was the topic of WISDOM – and which, in today’s times and circumstances, has such invisible status as not to have too much concrete or recognizable visibility at all. In fact, wisdom is so invisible that one might wonder what it has to do with Secrets of Power at all.
Well, in Volume III proper, this author will argue that there are many kinds of power and empowerment, two of which are empowerment grounded in and supported by wisdom, and power supported by nothing of the kind, and both of which arise from particular reality-box configurations.
Certainly speaking, if only in the ideal, wisdom-less power is not really power at all (at least of any enduring kind), but only the source of ultimate and foreseeable wreck and ruin not only for those directly affected, but for our wonderful species as well.
As with the topic of reality boxes, I had scheduled, in Volume III, a Wisdom chapter of not more than five pages – and which reductionism would have ended up as little more than a bland series of platitudes having no potent dynamism.
I resolved this particular quagmire on the morning of December 17, 2002 and learned that wisdom was not a thing to be searched for outside of one’s self, but was an innate “category” in human consciousness, and that the title of the book should be THE WISDOM CATEGORY – SHEDDING LIGHT ON A LOST LIGHT.
I began this preliminary Volume III book on 27 December 2002, and the draft was in hand thirty days later. Excepting unforeseen interruptions, this book should be available by the end of May or in early June.
The third difficult topic that will be printed anon as a separate preliminary Volume III book is one that is so invisible that it has hardly ever been recognized at all – THE MAGNIFICATION OF SELF. No, this does not refer to over-stuffing or over-sizing one’s ego, but to the fact that if one’s sense of self is diminutive one will become wrapped up in and attract only small things and small awarenesses.